Itch Dr.
Natural soothing cream to promote healthy skin all over.

Natural soothing cream to promote healthy skin all over.

Itch Dr.


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Benefits & Properties of Itch Dr. :

Help promote skin harmony and soothe skin

Support normal bacteria, yeast and fungi on the body

Support the immune system and the body's natural ability to maintain harmony

To support the natural healing functions of healthy skin

Gently soothe the skin of the anal, genital and jock areas

Itch Dr. is a 100% natural herbal cream for soothing common causes of itching and may be used all over the body, wherever there is a need.

This topical remedy contains Vitamin E, well known for its soothing and healing properties related to skin health, as well as carefully selected herbs with properties to support the immune system the body's own defense system to regulate bacteria, yeast, and fungi within normal levels.

Combined in a Vitamin E base, these ingredients are soothing, gentle, and delicate enough for the most sensitive of skin. Itch Dr. is gentle enough to be used on the anus, genital and jock areas.

The formula remains true to the whole spectrum method of herbal extraction, ensuring the bio-availability and balance of all the active ingredients contained in the remedy. This method of manufacture (Full Spectrum Approach™ (FSA)) also significantly reduces the likelihood of side effects and maintains all active ingredients in perfect balance – exactly as nature intended!


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Itch Dr. is helpful in

Insect Stings and Bites - Urticaria - Fungal Infection - Jock Itch - Athlete's Foot - Foot Fungus - Skin Disorders - eczema - allergies

Itch Dr. is a 100% natural, safe and effective natural cream for soothing and treating the common causes of itching. This topical remedy contains Vitamin E, well known for its soothing and healing powers in skin conditions, as well as carefully selected herbs with antifungal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Combined in a Vitamin E base, these ingredients are very effective in treating a wide variety of itching skin conditions.

About the ‘itch’

Itching is a common sensation that can cause skin to become red, irritated and sensitive. There are many things that can cause common non-recurrent itching: irritation from household chemicals or garden plants, non-serious insect bites, dry skin and some medications.

Even certain vitamin and mineral supplements or particular foods that are ingested can be to blame. Most commonly, harmless itching is located on the arms, feet or in the groin area. This can be uncomfortable and unpleasant.

Always wash your hands or wear gloves while gardening outside. Organic insect repellant is also a good idea, as is limiting foods that may not agree with you. There are many medicinal herbs as well as homeopathic ingredients that can be very supportive to the skin and skin health, helping to provide soothing relief.

Itch Dr. FAQs

  What is Itch Dr.?

Itch Dr. is a proven, effective, 100% natural and safe herbal remedy for soothing and treating the common causes of itching. This topical remedy contains Vitamin E, well known for its soothing and healing powers in skin conditions, as well as carefully selected herbs with antifungal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Combined in a Vitamin E base, these ingredients are very effective in treating a wide variety of itching skin conditions.

  What does Itch Dr. contain?

Itch Dr. is an herbal remedy of essential oils in a healing Vitamin E cream containing:


Aloe ferox
This is a succulent and well-known medicinal herb native to South Africa. Aloe ferox has many different therapeutic uses and writings from as early as 1500BC in Ancient Egypt document its medicinal uses. For centuries this herb has been used topically for skin ailments like eczema and psoriasis. European sailors routinely used the sap to heal and protect their skin from the elements, rope burns, and salt water exposure. Modern research has verified the antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial functions of Aloe ferox.


Urtica urens
This is excellent for soothing, healing and pain relief and can be safely and effectively used on minor burns, hives and itchy skin eruptions. This herb is also useful for its astringent properties and will help to stop bleeding.


Hamamelis virginianum (Witchhazel)
This is an excellent astringent herb with anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used to treat itching, insect bites and stings, sunburn, minor burns, grazes, rashes and most skin irritations. Witchhazel also has antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties that help to treat and prevent infections.


Calendula officinalis (Marigold)
This is an excellent anti-inflammatory herb and prevents infection with its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. These antifungal properties make Calendula particularly effective for skin conditions caused by thrush and other fungal infections of the skin. Used to soothe and heal skin abrasions, dry rough skin, rashes, eczema, skin sores and dry patches, Marigold has also been shown to assist healing and the regeneration of damaged skin tissue.


Melaleuca laterifolia
This is also known as Tea Tree Oil and is used externally for inflammation and to treat various skin conditions. This oil has excellent anti-bacterial and healing properties and is one of the strongest anti-fungal remedies available. Tea Tree Oil will soothe and reduce inflammation of the skin as well as effectively treat any fungal infections.


Lavendula officinalis (Lavender)
This is a sweet-smelling essential oil which also has strong antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties. This oil also has balancing and soothing properties. Lavender is valued for its antiseptic, healing and calming properties and is wonderful for reducing discomfort and speeding up the natural healing process.


Vitamin E Oil

  In what form does Itch Dr. come?

Itch Dr. comes in a convenient topical cream format that is applied directly to affected areas.

  How do I use Itch Dr.?

Cleanse and apply to affected areas two to three times daily.

Caution: Safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding has not been established.

  How do you properly store this product?

Best storage is in a cool (not cold), dark place out of direct sunlight, such as a cupboard or closet. The product does not need to be refrigerated.

  How long until results are seen?

Itch Dr. will soothe and reduce itching immediately. With regular use, Itch Dr. will speed up the natural healing of itchy skin irritations and infections, while also treating underlying causes like fungal infections.

  How long will a bottle last?

One bottle of Itch Dr. will last approximately a month depending upon frequency of use.

  Is Itch Dr. habit forming?

Itch Dr. is 100% natural, safe, effective, non-habit forming and has no side effects. You can quite safely take Itch Dr. daily without fear of addiction.

  Can I take it if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Safety during pregnancy or breastfeeding has not yet been established.

  What increases the risk of itching, fungal infections?

Fungi love warm and moist environments to grow in. Tight footwear or synthetic underwear, especially when used for exercising, provides an ideal breeding ground for fungi. Communal showers are another place that fungi commonly grow and fungal infections like Athletes' Foot are easily picked up on the feet.

Candidiasis and any other reason for reduced immune functioning will predispose an individual to fungal infections. Diseases like diabetes and AIDS as well as lifestyle factors like exposure to pollution, lack of exercise and an unbalanced diet all hinder healthy immune functioning.

  What else is recommended for diabetics with recurrent thrush and fungal infections?

Diabetics often suffer from recurrent fungal infections that cause unpleasant and chronic itching. Improve blood sugar control and reduce susceptibility to these infections with Insulate Plus, our 100% herbal remedy for diabetes.

  What else can I do to relieve pruritis ani?

If you have noticed that there are certain foods or drinks that tend to trigger the itching, try your best to avoid them altogether. Common culprits include alcohol, milk, citrus fruit, fruit juices and nuts. Cleanliness or poor hygiene is almost never to blame for pruritis ani and vigorous cleaning with soap or toilet paper can actually make it worse.

Avoid scratching or rubbing and try to keep the area dry. If the itching is associated with fatigue, low immune functioning, digestive problems or other fungal infections, systemic Candida may be to blame. See our Candidate Drops for a natural solution to Candidiasis.

  When should I consult my health care provider?

If you suffer from recurrent itching without any apparent cause, total body itching or recurrent hives, it is best to see your health care provider to rule out the possibility of a serious underlying condition.

  What else can I do to minimize itching?


Try not to scratch, as this will just prolong the problem.


Wear light, loose clothes and pajamas made from natural fabrics like cotton. Synthetic fabrics or rough fibers like wool can worsen itching.


Apply cold compresses to the itchy area.


Avoid excess heat or humidity, especially saunas, steam rooms and very hot baths. Instead, bathe in lukewarm water.


May be used together with Candidate Drops in cases of systemic Candida or fungal infections.

  Is there any product you recommend with Itch Dr.™?

Itch Dr. is highly recommended along with the following natural remedies for maximum effectiveness:


May be used together with Candidate™ Drops when needing to support normal healthy levels of Candida in the body.

  Is Itch Dr. approved by the FDA?

The FDA oversees all food and drug products. Since Itch Dr. is an herbal dietary supplement, it falls under the ambit of the FDA. In 1994, the FDA set up guidelines for dietary supplements, including labeling requirements, and created the Dietary Supplement Health Education Act (DSHEA). Itch Dr. follows all of DSHEA's guidelines. In addition, it is manufactured in a Pharmaceutical Graded, GMP-certified facility to guarantee the highest degree of consistency, reliability and potency.


Product Code: IDR001

FAQs About The Product

Itch Dr.™

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