For the health and functioning of the sciatic nerve, with excellent tonic effects for the nervous system.

For the health and functioning of the sciatic nerve, with excellent tonic effects for the nervous



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Benefits & Properties of SciatiGon:

Act as a nervous system tonic

To soothe the sciatic nerve & relieve the pain of sciatica. It reduces inflammation and relieves pressure on the sciatic nerve

To support the health of the spinal canal by preventing its calcification and stenosis

To maintain joint and muscle health and mobility by treating muscle spasms and the resulting stiffness

To support the health of the back

For relief of all nerve pain and neuralgia

SciatiGon is a 100% safe and effective natural remedy for supporting the health of the sciatic nerve, spine, and nervous system.

All our homeopathic products and biochemic tissue salts are manufactured in an FDA and GMP registered pharmaceutical facility under the supervision of qualified homeopaths and responsible pharmacists. Individual ingredients are listed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS).



SciatiGon + RealHeal Massage Oil

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SciatiGon is helpful in

  Sciatica - Chronic Pain - Neuralgia - Neuritis

About Sciatica

The sciatic nerve is the longest peripheral nerve in the body, and runs from the lower back through the pelvis and buttock area, right down to the back of the lower leg. It is an extension of the lower end of the spinal cord and is made up of the lumbar and sacral nerve roots from the spine.

The sciatic nerve runs out of the lower spine, behind the hip joint and down the back of the thigh. Its function is to send signals from the brain to the muscles of your leg and from the leg back to the brain – therefore helping to regulate movement in the limbs. Movement and feeling in the legs and feet are largely dependent on the sciatic nerve, which is very important to quality of life and maintaining normal mobility. Because it originates in the spinal cord, the health of the spinal cord and its vertebra plays a large role in the healthy functioning of the sciatic nerve.

There are many things which can be done to support the health and functioning of the sciatic nerve.

Maintaining the health and strength of the vertebra and surrounding tissues is very important. Practice good back health and be sure not to put strain on the lumbar region. Regular back exercises, as well as exercise like swimming and walking, can help to support the integrity of the spine.

Be sure you maintain a healthy posture and consider taking up yoga or Pilates which can help to strengthen the central core of the body. Sleep on an orthopedic mattress to support your back at night.

Eat a healthy diet and take daily supplements known to benefit the health of bone, cartilage and nerves. These include zinc, magnesium, calcium, Vitamin C and manganese. Avoid cigarettes and excess alcohol natural remedies have also been used for thousands of years to support the skeletal and nervous system. More recently, modern research has confirmed their effectiveness.

SciatiGon™ FAQs

  What is SciatiGon™?

SciatiGon is a 100% safe and effective natural remedy for supporting the health of the sciatic nerve, spine and nervous system.

The formula remains true to the Full Spectrum Method of herbal extraction, ensuring the bio-availability and balance of all the active ingredients contained in the remedy. This method of manufacture also significantly reduces the likelihood of side effects and maintains all active ingredients in perfect balance – exactly as nature intended!

By supporting the spine and the nervous system, including the sciatic nerve, SciatiGon can make all the difference.

  What does SciatiGon contain?

SciatiGon contains the following natural ingredients:


Zanthoxylum clava herculis is a highly effective and soothing circulatory system and nervous system tonic.


Matricaria recutita (German Chamomile) was regarded as one of the nine sacred herbs given to the world by ancient Anglo-Saxons. In modern times it is widely used as a gentle and soothing herb. Matricaria acts as a general tonic for the nervous system and is often used to soothe the back.


Arctium lappa (Burdock) has been used for many centuries as a blood purifier and system cleanser. It also has an excellent effect on joint health, including the health of the vertebra and surrounding tissue.


Harpagophytum procumbens (Devil's Claw) This herb is indigenous to the Kalahari Desert and grows only in Africa. Devil's Claw is used world-wide for maintaining joint and muscle health and scientific analysis shows that the most important active ingredients in Devil's Claw include monoterpine, harpagoside, glycoside, beta-sitosterol, procumbine and stigmasterol. It is also well known as a digestive tonic and supports the health of the liver and gall bladder.


Rhus tox (30C) is a remedy well-known for supporting the back and associated tissue, especially for those who tend to lift heavy loads.


Colocynthis (30C) is recommended for supporting the health and comfort of the nerves and nervous system as a whole.

This product contains no animal products, gluten, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, is suitable for vegans and lacto-vegetarians, and is not tested on animals.

  In what form does SciatiGon come in?

SciatiGon comes in a convenient tincture or drop form.

  What is the proper dosage?

Initially: Take 5 drops in 1/4 cup water every 30 minutes as needed. Do not exceed 10 doses in 12 hours.

Maintenance dose: 10 - 15 drops in 1/4 cup water three times daily. Dosage may be increased when necessary as follows: 5 drops in 1/4 cup water every 30 minutes as needed. Do not exceed 10 doses in 12 hours.

Caution: Safety during pregnancy and nursing not yet established. Use with caution if suffering from gastric ulcers.

Chronic: 10 - 15 drops in 1/4 cup water three times daily.

Acute: 5 drops in 1/4 cup water every 30 minutes as needed. Do not exceed 10 acute doses in 12 hours.

Caution: Safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding has not been established.

  How do you properly store this product?

Best storage is in a cool (not cold) dark place out of direct sunlight such as a cupboard or closet. The product does not need to be refrigerated.

  How long until results are seen?

Relief should be felt within minutes of taking SciatiGon. In severe cases the acute dosage may need to be repeated a few times before improvement is noted.

Over a few weeks of using this natural remedy regularly, sciatic pain will be reduced and attacks will become less frequent.

  How long will a bottle last?

One 50 ml bottle of SciatiGon will last approximately 30 days at chronic dosage.

  Is SciatiGon habit forming?

SciatiGon is 100% natural, safe, effective and is not habit forming and has no side effects. You can quite safely take SciatiGon daily without fear of addiction.

  Can I take it if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Safety during pregnancy or breastfeeding has not yet been established.

  How can I prevent sciatica and back pain in general?

• Taking good care of your back and spine can go a long way to protecting you from debilitating back pain and sciatica though some causes are not easily preventable.

• Regular exercise, especially exercise that strengthens your core muscles like Pilates and controlled strength-training of your abdomen and lower back, will provide spinal stability and improve posture.

• When sitting, maintain good posture by keeping your feet flat on the floor, your arms on the armrests or desk and your lower spine supported by a well-designed chair or the addition of a rolled-up towel or cushion in the small of your back.

• When lifting heavy objects bend down at your knees instead of your back and carry the object at waist level, held close to your body.

• Sleep on a firm mattress and avoid using more than one pillow.

  When do I need to see my health care provider?

Any sudden and severe pain, numbness or loss of strength in your back or leg should lead you to consult your family doctor or physician. If you experience loss of bowel or bladder control at any time, seek medical assistance immediately.

  What else can I do to help my condition?

There are a few things you can do to help manage your condition and decrease the pain of sciatica:

• In the first 48 hours of the onset of sciatica ice packs wrapped in a towel or cloth and applied to the affected area for 15-20 minutes at a time may help to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. This should be repeated about 4 times a day.

• Warmth applied to the painful areas will help to relieve pain after the initial inflammation has settled. Try a hot-water bottle or heating pad on a low setting.

• Gentle stretching exercises of the lower back will help to relieve compression of the nerve. Ask your physical therapist to give you exercises to do at home and avoid any jerking, bouncing or twisting movements.

  Is SciatiGon approved by the FDA?

The FDA oversees all food and drug products. Since SciatiGon is a herbal dietary supplement, it falls under the ambit of the FDA. In 1994 the FDA set up guidelines for dietary supplements, including labeling requirements, and created the Dietary Supplement Health Education Act (DSHEA). SciatiGon follows all of DSHEA's guidelines. In addition, it is manufactured in a Pharmaceutical Graded, GMP-certified facility to guarantee the highest degree of consistency, reliability and potency.



Product Code: SCG001

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Price: $75.90

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